United States Social Forum Final Report

Here is the final report, and a summary, from the 3rd United States Social Forum (USSF) from the Accountability & Coordination Team (ACT), along with some suggestions for possible "next steps." They are linked below as pdf files.

We recognize that these are perilous times. The neoliberal agenda of the world's elite has spawned a plethora of profoundly dangerous rightwing populism across the globe. We recognize the Trump administration as the US manifestation of this phenomenon, and are inspired by the resistance erupting in response.

We believe it is critical to struggle for political clarity and alignment. We urge you to review these evaluations and reports and get in touch if you want to continue this work. Just email David Cobb at davidkcobb@gmail.com to start the conversation.

USSF 3 Evaluation and Documentation | USSF Final Summary Report